Bedding Trend Updates 2018

Bedding Trend Updates 2018

If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a fresh, new look, keep in mind a few of the most prominent design trends that are currently influencing the luxury linen, bedding and home furnishings design markets.


Bold, Saturated Color

For quite some time the color palette for bedding has been neutral: white, cream, grey…and while this will likely always be a design basic in bedding, there is a strong movement to incorporate one or two bold, saturated colors to energize the overall space, provide a younger “vibe,” and give your current bedding or bedroom a completely new look. Consider adding a deep, bold color like indigo or navy blue to your current neutral color scheme using a textural pillow, throw, or by adding colorful pillowcases and shams. Accessories, lamps or a simple vase in the same bold color, and/ or painting a wall or ceiling in the same bold, deep color will completely transform the space without shattering the budget! The end result will be dramatic… and can be easily changed when you want a new look, or decide you want a new color.


Large, Geometric Prints

Large prints and geometric designs immediately add impact and energize a neutral environment. Again, a large print in a bold color palette will completely transform and update a room all on their own. Likewise, a large geometric pattern can also be used to give a “punch” to an otherwise neutral environment. Geometric prints layered onto a neutral backdrop, using multiple variations of the same geometric pattern, will result in a dramatic, “collected” look that gives depth and interest to your current  neutral background. Don’t want to add a deeply saturated color
to your room? Using a bold geometric pattern is a great way to add impact and texture without introducing color.

Mixing Design Style Elements and Textures

Whether your style is traditional, tropical, contemporary or industrial, introducing elements from varying design styles will add interest and warmth to any room. Adding a contemporary pillow and throw to traditional bedding, incorporating
faux fur, leather, seashells or other textural elements, mixing wood and metal finishes, adding a “local flavor” pillow or artistic element—all of these design “tricks” give any room a well-travelled feel, and add to the overall interest of the space! Don’t be afraid to add a new texture or material to your room… the resulting effect will surprise you! Suite Luxury has Southwest Florida’s most extensive collection of luxury linens, bedding, pillows, and accessories. Let us help you update your room, making it one you enjoy spending time in—and one you enjoy showing to your friends!

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